Lior Elazary

Lior Elazary

Founder & CEO,
inVia Robotics

With more than twenty years of leadership and business experience bringing to market many of the systems that power the Internet, Lior Elazary has directed and guided teams developing everything from back-office systems to the core technologies of the business. As a serial entrepreneur, he has completed three successful exits, including HostPro (now, KnowledgeBase, and Edgecast.

While working on his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California, Lior worked closely with inVia Robotics co-founders Dan and Rand on various robotics and neuroscience projects, including the DARPA Robotic Challenges, Smart Drones, Cognitive threat detections and various autonomous robotics technologies. Currently on a leave of absence from the Ph.D., Lior holds a Masters in Robotics from the University of Southern California and has several publications and patents in the field of neuroscience, computer science and robotics.

Currently, as the Founder and CEO of inVia Robotics, Lior leads the team in strategically developing, implementing, and deploying robotics automation technology through inVia’s innovative “Robotics-as-a-Service” platform and solutions for e-commerce distribution centers and supply chains.

Re-imagining Retail and Logistics

Main Ballroom

How do retail and logistics change in a world where autonomous vehicles will deliver goods? Our panelists will discuss innovations in retail and logistics with autonomous vehicles enabling transport and delivery, robotics driving efficiencies in the warehouse, and the use of AI and data in the retail storefront tying everything together.